Ways To Increase Blood Circulation To Scalp For Great Hair

Hair oils, masks, shampoos, conditioners – do you consider them your weapon to transform your hair? Have you ever thought that ensuring blood flow to the scalp is an important step?

As one of the most underrated remedies to promote hair growth, blood circulation is much more important than you think. Read on to find out why and how you can improve your scalp circulation.

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Does blood circulation affect the scalp and hair?

Your hair goals can only be achieved if you keep your scalp in good shape. Blood circulation ensures that your scalp extracts all the essential nutrients and oxygen it needs to stay healthy.

Subcutaneous blood flow helps in the anagen phase of the hair and lengthens it. Increased blood flow is also associated with decreased hair loss.

How to increase blood flow to the scalp and hair?

  1. Massage your scalp

For massage, you can consider olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or castor oil. All of these oils are enriched with plant-based constituents that promote healthy hair growth.

  1. Clean the scalp

The buildup of the scalp can sometimes block blood flow under the skin. It is very important to have a clean scalp so that blood can flow normally. Use a cleansing shampoo once a month to remove dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil, and product buildup on the scalp.

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