Getting Started in Miniatures Painting & Gaming

If you ever thought of starting a miniature painting and tabletop games, welcome. There are many brands of models, games and miniature systems on the market. For me, I choose to remain an option, Warhammer 40K &, and no other brand.

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It reminds me back to the old days where I gather my comic book. I still have my collection with me though. When I was collecting comic books, I got to the point where I will end up buying almost every brand of comics and hero.

After a while, yes, the focus is lost, I began to collect in order to collect. When my collection began to accumulate, then I ask myself what I’m doing. After much review, I decided to stick to the brand of comic heroes and only a select few. It got me a collection of more focused and I started to catch up on reading my comics.

Same when I first started collecting, games, miniatures, I decide what I want already and stay focused on one brand or theme game, Warhammer 40K and. I know there are many other miniatures even better out there, but I always remind myself, Stay Focused, just look around and not be disturbed.

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