Why Should Couples Travel to Australia During the Winters?


If you and your partner have decided to travel to Australia especially during the winters, then get ready to explore every ounce of this magnificent country. From wonderful lakes to beautiful waterfalls, from mesmerizing island hopping to delicious street food, there are tons of things couples can do together in Australia during the winter. These are some of the things to witness during the winter in Australia.

  1. Dark Mofo Fest – This is a very popular fest that brings all the people of Tasmania to celebrate this spectacular festival. This festival runs for a period of 100 days comprising of food, live music, art performance and more.
  2. Islands – One cannot deny the fact that Australia is home to some of the best islands in the world. Couples are spoilt for choices when it comes to island hopping. Hamilton Island is quite popular amongst locals and tourists to experience witnessing animals like kangaroos, kookaburras, koalas and more. There are plenty of islands to explore where the list is massive.
  3. Crocodile Cruise – Australia is home to over 80,000 species of crocodiles and during the winter it is best to spot them. There are plenty of crocodile cruise in Australia where couples are bound to have a great time.
  4. Dolphin Watching –During the winter, couples should head over to the beaches. This allows you and your partner to witness dolphins where you can swim right next to them or even get close to say hello.

During the winter in Australia, this country becomes one of the secluded honeymoon destinations in the world.

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