Awesome Filipino Delicacies you should try during your Visit to Philippines


Everyone knows Philippines is blessed with beautiful history, stunning islands, awesome beaches and more. However, Philippines becomes even more interesting when it comes to trying out some of the best delicacies. You may enjoy getting into interesting activities during your holiday but you should also offer some time to the Filipino food. These are a few delicious Filipino delicacies you should try out while heading to Philippines.

  1. Adobo – Starting off the list is Adobo – a delicious delicacy you should eat otherwise, your trip to Philippines will remain incomplete. Although, this dish is originated from Mexico, the Filipino’s version is considered more-tasty. Salt, garlic, soy sauce, local spices, pepper and vinegar are added to either chicken or pork that makes this dish absolutely lip-smacking.
  2. Sisig – Next on the line is Sisig which is first invented by AlingLucing in the city of Pampanga. This dish is made out of the remaining bits of the pork’s liver, cheeks and head which is turned into an amazing appetizer. This dish is going to help you enjoy with a glass or can of your favorite beer.
  3. Chicken Inasal – The chicken inasal is the grilled version made with the help of salt, pepper, calamansi, garlic and lemongrass. From liver to wings to heart, every portion of the chicken is basically grilled. This dish goes really well with garlic rice.
  4. Crispy Pata – This dish is made of the knuckles of the pork which is dep fried. It has a crispy texture on the outside while juicy and tender on the inside.

With these delicacies waiting for you, ensure you book for the best Philippines tour package.

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