What to Fill In Your Punching Bag?

So you bought a vacuum punching bag to save a few dollars and now are wondering what to fill it with. This is a  most common question that is being asked from many of the companies while purchasing bags punching.

In order to save shipping costs, which could be gigantic, speaking of 150 pounds (70 kg) boxing bags. So to reduce the cost you order wholesale this void with confidence, you fill it with the "old" rags, dust saw or perhaps even the sand. Think again. You could try here various types of punching bags.

Long gone are the years of sandbags and bags filled with sawdust. It was behind only solution in the day and it has resulted in many injuries (especially wrist injury) due to the fact that boxing bags were as hard as concrete. 

The blow was also out of the question, but a hundred years ago, most bags were used and sold to practitioners of "Western boxing." The Chinese, however, use the bags for kicking with their martial arts Sanda (Chinese kickboxing), which is a secondary art of kung fu. I think using rice to fill their bags was also very difficult.

Times have changed and nowadays people use smaller and smaller gloves. Just think of the gloves worn by Western boxers in the 40 30s 50. They were absolutely huge. 

Today, people wear max size 10 OZ boxing gloves. With the MMA world ever growing, there are a lot of MMA gloves on the market that have virtually no protection on them. You could save over a hundred dollars and just go and hit a tree.

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