Everything You Need To Know About Face Masks

A face mask is designed to prevent the spread of disease. Masks are usually loose and cover your nose and mouth. It comes with the bands that hold it in place on the back of the head. Types of Face Mask There are many types of face masks. The main ones are: Surgical masks: it's designed to catch your bodily fluids such as saliva and nasal secretions, thus preventing infectious droplets from spreading to others. They come with two straps that hook over the ear. There are others who come with a strap that goes over the ears. This mask is ideal for use when you are down with a cold, cough, flu or when working with patients. You can also find cotton face masks via http://safetytools19-com.3dcartstores.com/  Respirators They are also known as particulate respirators and are designed to protect you from inhaling smoke, dust, gas, and steam. How To Wear A Face Mask You should note that you only need to wear a mask once and then throw it in the trash. You should also remove the mask as soon as it gets damp. To use the mask you must start by washing your hands with soap and water. If possible, it is also advisable that you clean your hands with hand sanitizer. You then have to remove the mask from the box and put it on. If the mask has ear loops you have to bear with the ear loop and put a circle around each ear.