Pest Control Tips: Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Pest control tips

Pest control in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne is the process in which a licensed professional, will enter a property and remove unwanted pests. They will first inspect the premises to gain insight into what type of pest it is and then create the appropriate treatment to kill the pest and stop it from returning. 

What is Pest Control 

Pest control is the management of a type of animal or insect that is unwanted in the home or work environment. The pest is controlled, removed and prevented from returning to the location. Pests such as cockroaches carry germs and bacteria that can spread to humans causing illness. If you have pests in your Melbourne residence, it is recommended to contact a local pest control expert who is qualified and licenced to deal with the pest problem. 

What Type of Pests Are In The Eastern Suburbs Of Melbourne? 

Pest control in Melbourne Eastern suburbs covers the locations of Boroondara, Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges in Melbourne, Victoria. There are various pests that can invade these areas at different times of the year. For example, in the warmer times of the year, wasps, bees, spiders and snakes are a problem. They are most active during the hottest months and can enter a residents property looking for food and shelter from the heat.  During the colder months, rats and cockroaches are a pest. In the eastern suburbs, rats will come out in the easrly hours looking for food. They can be identified from droppings. 

How To Prevent Pests

Most often, the best way to prevent pests is easy. The problem is, people tend to be lazy and forgetfull. Follow the below helpful tips so that you can prevent pests from your Melbourne Eastern Suburbs residence. 

  1. Clean and tidy all indoor and outdoor areas with a vacuum. 

  2. If you recycle garbage, make sure it is thouroughly clean and in a location far away from your home. 

  3. Collect all the rubbish from the surrounding environment and place it in the bin.

  4. Don’t leave food scraps out at night in the kitchen. Clean up after you cook food. 

  5. Inspect for holes that pests can enter in. Make sure to fill and close off the holes. 


Pests can be a problem in the Eastern Suburbs. If you have pests and need them removed, contact a pest control service. To prevent pests from entering your property, make sure you clean up properly and close any holes. 


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