How To Remove Tile From The Floor

If you've ever tried to remove tile from a floor you probably already know it can be a tricky process. When you first start trying to remove tile you may decide to smash the tile into little pieces and use a broom to brush the mess away. This brute force approach to removing tile will work, but there is a more precise and professional way to do it that isn't any more difficult to do. If you want to learn how to remove tile from a floor, whether it's ceramic tile or not, you'll need a few tools and some patience.

TailHappyTV describes how to remove tile in a short 8 minute video using a chisel and a hammer with a few pieces of safety gear. You'll use the chisel to get under the edge of the ceramic tile and use the hammer to basically pry the tile off of the floor. You should hear a distinct pop sound when the tile breaks free from the floor it was adhered to. You just need to repeat this process for a few hours and all the tile will be removed from the floor, then you just need to dispose of it before you put down new flooring. You can learn more about how to remove tile in the video from TailHappyTV, or you can go rogue and start smashing it up with a sledge hammer and see what happens to the floor under the tile.

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