What do you think of the Tour de France?

The Tour de France stands out as the greatest bike race on the planet, across over 2200 miles of the French landscape. All bike riders worldwide consider going to France to participate in this race as their biggest period in their bicycling opportunities. It is the one cycling event in which media outlets deliver the event to countless watching cycling fans. The Tour de France takes 23 days. Every phase of the Tour features beautiful French areas that show the beauty with the country. A lot of of the tourists go on vacations to observe the Tour and enjoy the French nation. In some Tour's, the race routes cross the border of Spain or Italy. You can get nice vacation packages which takes you to many destinations to see the Tour. Tour de France deals are the most useful strategy to reserve resort rooms nearby the Tour course.

There are many reasons the reason this cycle race is among the most prestigious cycling event in the world. For starters, it is the oldest bicycle race in the world. No other cycling race predated the Tour de France, so we know that most of the guidelines and events of cycling events descends from this particular event. It is usually the most gruelling cycle race and also the most psychologically strenuous race of any athletic event. Participants have to ride through the steep mountains and go through meandering roads in order to complete the race.

Despite the greatness of the event, it's going to long be thought of with the drug tainted wins by Lance Armstrong. Armstrong's recurrent denials, fabrications and threats long maintained his drug use and cheating secret. He was eventually exposed by whistle blowers that exposed him at potential risk to themselves. Lance Armstrong eventually admitted exactly what he did and his wins have been taken out of the records. Regrettably the Tour will be wounded from this and recalled for this. Hopefully time will heal that wound.

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