Self-Care After Adult Circumcision

Surgical procedures to remove the foreskin (the skin covering the tip of the male private part) and circumcision are religious rituals or ceremonial traditions in many cultures. Circumcision has been in the news lately as some find the practice painful and risky.

However, most doctors believe that people who are circumcised as babies are comfortable with the choices parents to make for them and are unrepentant. On the other hand, older men can also remove the foreskin, either for health reasons or for personal aesthetic reasons. You can also look for the best circumcision procedure services via an online source.

circumcision procedure

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About the circumcision procedure

There are several ways to perform circumcision. Some practitioners use temporary braces, while others use a plastic dome that sticks to the male private part for some time.

Either method, the doctor will separate the foreskin from the head of the male private part by making a small slit in the foreskin and placing a clip on the foreskin. The foreskin can then be cut and detached.

Caring for a circumcised male private part

The doctor will provide specific instructions on how to treat circumcision. This can be:

· Keep the area clean.

· Remove the gauze bandage and use a new bandage.

· Keep the male private part clean with soap and water.

If you experience problems such as persistent bleeding, excessive pain, or signs of infection, see a doctor.

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