Wusthof Knife Set – The Best Kitchen Cutlery

Wusthof has one of the most comprehensive knife collections you can find. They are available in various designs and price ranges. Some are better than others – but the Wusthof trademark is one of the reasons customers like to have Wusthof knife in Israel

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The kits that can be purchased include classic knives from Wusthof, Culinar, Le Cordon Bleu, Icon, Grand Prix II, Gourmet and Emerilware collections. With the options available, everyone has the freedom to choose the Wusthof that best suits their cooking needs.

Let's take a look at some of the Wusthof knife sets and the features that differentiate them from other types of cutlery:-

Classic Wusthof Knife:- The classic Wusthof knife offers a highly efficient knife that never goes out of style. With a handle design with three rivets, the bestselling line remains a major customer favorite in recent years. 

The traditional grip and blade design are some of the advantages of this Wusthof knife. The Wusthof Classic is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple and reliable knife.

Iconic Wusthof Knives:- Icons is a newly introduced design line from Wusthof, which was introduced in 2007.Icon Knives have taken some of the best features and design features from other Wusthof knife sets and created an excellent set of tableware. 

An important upgrade is an ergonomic black resin grip with three rivets. Conical bearings have also been added which make them easier to hone and use. The design and performance of the Icon blade make it one of the most highly rated Wusthof knives.

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