What’s Up With Facebook Messenger Bots?

I have recently started building a Facebook Messenger Bot. With that said, I was curious to see how it would fare in the eyes of the audience and what it's future will be. It is also a platform that Facebook has heavily promoted. So how did Messenger Bot do?

As I expected, the Messenger Bot did poorly. In fact, it didn't even come close to my expectations. My expectations were quite high, as I had been told by some people that Messenger Bot was going to be the next big thing on Facebook. Well, the Bot only reached a grand total of over 300 likes.

This is simply not enough to justify the hype that the bot got. It is unfortunate because I really do believe that if it had managed to hit the thousand mark, then it would have been a success. As it is, it really is just not a part of the top ten things seen on Facebook.

So why did it not do as well as people hoped it would? My assumption is that people are not connecting with the Messenger Bot. What I mean by this is that you cannot simply spam a Messenger Bot to get people to like it. You need to build trust and get them comfortable with using the product.

What I also found interesting is that some people actually tried to recruit the Bot. This is odd, but I think that is to be expected. You know people like to see friends getting recruited or anything close to that. So naturally when you try to get others to join your Messenger Bot, you get a few people joining.

The purpose of a Messenger Bot is to help you. I have heard that people were simply using the Bot for personal gain. This is unfortunate because the bot is not a money-making tool.

The Bot allows people to do research or do surveys. It is to do the work for them. It does not earn money. And the Bot does its job very efficiently.

When you sign up for the Bot, you are essentially building a business on Facebook. You get a free account. This basically means that you get access to the bot for free.

The bots also have the ability to follow you around on Facebook and connect you with other people. It has the ability to connect with the likes of all of your friends who are registered with Facebook. Meaning, it can easily follow them to do surveys, follow them to see what they are doing, and what their interests are.

The great thing about the bot is that it has a learning and keeping up feature. So if you want to make changes to the Bot, you can always make that change. It will let you know and send you an email. If you need to create a survey or something, you can always do that as well.

So if you want to get people to like and trust the Messenger Bot, you need to make them trust you. Don't force them to like it. They won't like that.

To make them trust you, use the Bot to do surveys, don't just spam it. Use it to do good things and it will reward you with love. It will get people to connect with you and to see you as someone who cares about others.

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