What You Need to Know about Crawler Cranes?

In principle, a crawler crane is a type of mobile crane system that is technically capable of carrying heavy loads and moving from one place to another easily and safely. It has become one of the essential tools for several heavy duty projects including mining, construction, multi-storey buildings and many more.

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And all projects need a superb crane system to do the job right and ensure maximum safety for workers and operators. Crawler cranes have specific hardware that together enable the transport of material with exceptional safety and accuracy. The various fittings in the crane system can be referred to as housing, side frame, body, boom, hoist, wire rope and bundle.

Unlike hydraulic cranes or truck cranes; The crawler crane does not have a beam. Because this is not a hardware termination; On the other hand, because of their greater stability, beams are used only at a minimal level in the chain crane system.

The boom or shoulder section of the system is primarily a lattice configuration for the crane system. On the other hand, crane systems are also known for the flexibility and convenience that crane operators find when moving heavy materials.

The increase in wind projects has led to the expansion of the crawler system because cranes are an accurate solution for installing high wind turbines, which are usually around 100m long.

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