Types of First Aid Courses to Choose From

If you have to undergo first aid course recognized in the details, you will be ready to cope with medical emergencies without panic or distress.

You will also be doing humanity a great service to save lives and to the greatest advantage of taking this course is that you do not need to belong to a particular profession or the holder of any specific qualification either. Additionally, you can take this course at any age. You can browse https://dandksolutions.co.uk/training/first-aid-training/emergency-first-aid-at-work to know more about the emergency first aid training course.

That is why now it has become mandatory for doctors, lifeguards, nurses and child care specialists to be trained in first aid and most educational institutions, daycare centers and hospital stays nominate their staff for first aid training from time to time.

First aid course you decide to choose will depend on your individual needs and the type of emergency you intend handling. Additionally, if you intend to take it as a full-time profession, you need to look at the working potential and opportunities available for the course you live. Six major first aid courses are highlighted below:

• CPR or Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid Basics: The training is given to those working for schools and sports associations and teaches recipients how to deal with cuts, bruises, sprains, sudden blackouts and even sudden cardiac arrest.

• Infant and Child First Aid course: This is a specialized course and needs to be taken by those who work for crèches and child care centers, children's hospital wards and infant care center. Training includes handling of sudden choking on a foreign body in the throat, the handling of falls, fractures, cuts and sprains.

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