The Study And Application Of Geography In Singapore

Modern geography has come a long way and is today an all-encompassing field of study. It covers the study of the spatial arrangement of a phenomenon that has shaped the surface of the earth, the interrelationship between man and environment, and the research related to earth sciences.

It is important to note that this field is mainly concerned with the spatial arrangement or distribution of objects. It also tries to find reasons: why this arrangement occurs, what factors cause or will cause changes in the spatial distribution, and what are the consequences.

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Geography is different from geology. Geology deals with the interior of the earth's crust, not geography, which studies things and phenomena on the earth's surface. Likewise, it can be distinguished from history by the fact that history examines things that happened over a period of time.

It is roughly divided into two parts: physical and human. The physical aspects relate to reliefs such as mountains, plains, deserts, plateaus, and the processes that form the reliefs. This physical trait develops over a long period of time.

The human aspect studies the relationship between man and earth. It includes aspects of culture (ethnicity, religion), geopolitics, history, economics, and others.

They go from being physical in a relatively short time, say two or three decades. Hence, you will find that most geography textbooks have not been rewritten or revised. Most of the textbooks in use keep changing hands.

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