Secure Reliable And Easy To Use Industrial Wireless Controls For Handling Service Cranes

Modern wireless industrial controls make it easy to connect your equipment using industrial wireless controls. Buying and installation of wireless Remote control systems from kewlabstech is simple and inexpensive thanks to such modern industrial remote control manufacturers.

Radio remote control technology has made remote control of industrial equipment easier, faster, and safer. These new technologies make radio remote controls great for industrial applications. These industrial wireless controls are used primarily in industries to control large machines.

The industrial wireless controls for crane service trucks can be used to control service crane trucks. These industrial crane remote controls for crane service are designed to give you the flexibility and functionality that you need to operate service cranes.

These devices are easy to install and very reliable. These devices can be used in all types of environments.

Remotely controlled crane service trucks are used in the industrial sector. They can be found in all frequency ranges. The frequency range can vary depending on the system and the machinery.

 The frequency range for normal use service cranes is 902-928MHz FHSS. Other than that frequency range, 433.92, 869.7, and 2.4GHz are also available.

These unique remote-controlled service cranes have been approved by FCC and are certified for use in hazardous and explosive environments.

There are many models of these crane service industrial remote control. There will be variations in product features depending on which model you choose. These models are typically designed for Crane and Service truck applications that require up to 12 control functions.

The modular components of these service cranes can be easily installed using the supplied wire harness. The receiver and transmitter unit operate together with a 56-bit digital code that eliminates accidental operation due to interference from other RF devices.

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