Scalp Micropigmentation- Permanent Solution To Hair Loss

SMP or Scalp Mircopigmnetaion is a non-surgical advanced hair growth solution for baldness and hair loss kind of problems. In this procedure, a needle is used to deposit pigment/ink into the layer of the skin to create the illusion of hair. It is medically proven to stop excessive hair loss.

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SMP is similar to the cosmetic tattooing technique in which your scalp is covered with dots of pigment so that your bald area looks filled with hair. This treatment is painless and safe and done with hygiene machine tools and equipment. Every time the new microneedle is used to fill the pigment on to the scalp.

After the successful Scalp Micropigmnetaion procedure, there are some aftercare safety precautions that are necessary to be taken:

  • Protect your scalp from water for at least a few weeks. You can use an elastic waterproof shower cap while bathing. 
  • Avoid going in the swimming pool and outside during monsoon season to prevent the head from the rain.
  • Keep away your scalp from sunlight for 30 days after the SMP treatment.
  • Avoid running, and workout to prevent the head from sweat.
  • Don’t use any shampoo or other hair care products on the scalp for more than a month to achieve desired outcomes.

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