Role Of Developer In IT Services Company

The only industry that usually shocks the world is Services Company which is mainly due to its software development centers onshore and offshore. Although many levels of work breakdown structures are available, the key person behind the real work is the developer. Developer responsibilities primarily include analysis, coding, and testing.

While the developers of hardware and software are readily available on the market, there are more software developers in the area. Therefore, many IT service organizations hire developers via to meet their customer needs.

What is a Full Stack Developer? - By Ayesha Cuthbert

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Software development has several stages and these are:

Requirement Gathering:

This is the first phase in the development, and the developer gets these customer requirements. Some early meetings between the customer and offshore managers in this phase. After initial discussions, the requirements are frozen. Next, a document and minutes of meetings are prepared to document the results.


To hire developers, IT companies keep the initial selection, which is to filter unqualified candidates or less qualified. After the hiring process, the developer actually jumps into labor. It analyzes the requirements, made the initial component design and codes. All these processes are documented and are thoroughly checked for quality.


In this case, testers or developers play a major role. Test plans and test cases are pre-written. The test conditions are set and the tester begins the actual test. There are two main things to test. They are the required result and the actual result. Both must match the test. They could involve manual testing and functional testing, depending on the requirement for which these tests are selected.

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