Read These Points Before Buying a Pool Enclosure

1. Is your pool in a protected environment, or is fully exposed to elements?

This can affect the type of cage that you decide to buy. If your pool is in an open area, or where cages can be subject to strong winds, then consider the low profile enclosure, or secured to the ground with the track.

2. Does your pool surround it in good condition?

Is your pool surround (paving or decking) in good condition? Is this level and solid? In order for the pool enclosure to work easily and efficiently paving you have to fit the level and also paving must be quite smooth, especially if you don't have a tracked system. You can buy outdoor pool enclosures through

If you choose a tracked system then this is not so important. But if the surround is very uneven, you might need to consider repairing levels, or platforms to reply.

3. What kind of do you have around your pool?

If your coping stone is raised above the surrounding pool area, you need to consider this when taking the measurement of your pool to cover. This also applies if you have lips lifted around your pool.

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4. Do you have a tracked enclosure or without a track

This is often the hardest decision when choosing a pool enclosure. Fundamental differences, from the user’s perspective, between the two, are the ease of operation. The tracked enclosure can be easily and quickly opened and closed only by one person, while the attachment without traces generally requires two people.

5. Have you considered planning and your neighbors?

Another of the main purchasing decisions for the billiard enclosure is the overall height of the coverage. This is partly driven by aesthetics and practical considerations.

The Low Pool attachment is clearly less disturbing visually, both for you and also neighbors. And also generally does not require planning permission. Even though you still need to notify your local planning office to make sure you have the right agreement.

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