Pick The Right Timber Frame Trusses For Your Project In Sydney

The truss system used in a timber frame home might be chosen to suit structural needs or aesthetic reasons. But what is a trust, you might ask?

A truss is a timbered unit composed of a combination of vertical posts, girts, main rafters, struts, and knee braces fastened together to form a structural bridging system over an open space. If you want to get more information about roof trusses in Sydney, then you can navigate to https://heydenframeandtruss.com.au/timber-roof-trusses/

These are then joined together by a peg to complete a finished section called a bent. Together, the truss and bent are used to support your home at the ends, center, or both when raised.

Styles of truss systems vary, and the one most suitable for your project will depend on the design of the timber frame home or timber frame building, the personal design aesthetic you want to achieve, load capacity, and the overall room layout. Whatever choice you make, you’ll know they’re doing their job to support the timber frame building.

A few popular types of timber frames trusses are king, queen, scissor, and hammer-beam. Don’t be afraid to mix different timber frame trusses to make a statement in your home that shows your style.

Like mixing in a triangle, the simplest timber frame truss, with a hammer-beam truss that is considered to be more dramatic for its large span. Before making a decision, explore the pros and cons of each timber frame truss and consult with a professional for their expert opinion.

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