Know More About Study in Malaysia

Malaysia has become one of the most preferred study destinations. Do you know why? It's because the country has placed extreme focus on education. The education system of the country is also controlled by its Ministry of Higher Education which has a greater vision of turning this country into a Center Of Excellence for post-secondary education.

The country has instituted a Quality Assurance body called Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) which takes care of the institutes that get accreditation for higher education in the nation. If you want to go for higher education in Malaysia then you need Malaysian visa.

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The country has established institutes for education from international institutes like Monash University of Australia. Other universities that have set up campuses in this country are University of Nottingham and University of Southampton of UK.

The best benefit of graduate and post-graduate study in Malaysia that the costs are very low as compared to other international study destinations like Australia, the USA, and Canada.

In Malaysia, the total education cost for a student per annum comes out at 9000 US dollars combining tuition fees and accommodation costs. But the same cost for international students in Australia is 25,500 US Dollars, USA (31,000 US Dollars), United Kingdom(27,000 US dollars) and Canada(21,500 dollars). The students can also benefit from getting a study permit easily for purposes of study abroad in Malaysia.

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