Introduction To Blockchain For Normal People

If you try to investigate this mysterious thing known as the blockchain, you will cringe to retreat into the vast obscurity of technical jargon that is often used to win. Before we understand what cryptocurrencies are and how blockchain technology can change the world, let's discuss what blockchain really is. You can also get more information about blockchain via

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In the simplest sense, blockchain is a digital book of transactions, unlike the books we have used to track sales and purchases for hundreds of years. In fact, the function of this digital book is almost identical to that of a traditional book, namely recording direct debits and credits between people. This is the basic concept of blockchain. The difference is, he keeps the books and verifies the transactions.

The bank decides whether to proceed with the transaction. The bank also keeps records of all transactions made with Rob and is actually responsible for updating them whenever Rob pay someone or receives money in their account. In other words, the bank keeps and controls the records and everything goes through the bank.

It's a huge responsibility that it's important for Rob to believe that he can rely on his bank or he won't take the risk. He must be sure that the bank did not deceive him, did not lose his money, did not get stolen and did not leave the night.

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