Heel Pain- Causes, Exercises and Remedies

Heel pain is the most common foot problem faced by millions of people. Heel pain is inflammation, extreme pain, and irritation in the area near and behind the heel.

The person feels pain under the heel called "plantar fasciitis". You can consult a podiatrist expert to get the treatment of heel pain in Reisterstown. It can occur in both adults and children.

Heel pain: Causes, prevention, and treatments

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Causes of heel pain in adults and children-

• Feet are too flat or too curved

• People who are overweight

• Shoes with high heels and shoes with poor cushioning

• Jumping on hard surfaces

• Kick something hard.

Exercises and home remedies –

Ice packs

It's an option we use almost every time we get injured.


Some simple warm-up exercises will relax the muscles when they are tightened but only do them if you feel they are making the pain worse.

Medicine and Surgery-


A specialist qualified to treat patients with massage and exercises and helps them perform directly, which results in strengthening leg muscles.


If ice packs, soft shoes, and heel braces don't work, the knot will be surgically removed.

If a person does not experience relief from medication or home remedies. There are various treatments available for heel pain. If your pain is severe with swollen and red feet then, it is always recommended to seek professional help from a podiatrist. 


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