Hair Transplant Surgery – Most Effective Treatment for Male Baldness

Tired of using hair products and medicines to get your hair back, a successful hair transplant can help you change your life completely. Hair transplant is a very convenient and effective technique for restoring medical hair.

The procedure for hair restoration surgery involves removing a haircut from the donor area or behind the scalp after tingling in the local anesthetized area. You can also navigate online if you are looking for the best hair transplantation services in Winnipeg.

The hair transplant doctor will perform a careful examination with the aid of a binocular microscope and drill the places where the transplant will be obtained with a fine needle. Then the desired area is removed with a special tool.

Subsequently, the bald spots become numb and small cuts are made. The hair transplant is properly prepared and carefully placed in the prepared area over the bald area. A small bandage is then applied for added protection (overnight only).

Hair restoration surgery can have amazing results when done right. In fact, it becomes very difficult to tell if the hair is natural or grafted. Hair transplantation is also convenient because it takes less time to sort through the follicular units and move them to problem areas.

After the procedure, hair transplants are usually delayed after four weeks, and then new hair begins to grow (about ten weeks later) and continues to grow for up to a year. Your transplanted hair will grow at a rate of about 1/4 inch per month, similar to your normal hair.

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