Golf Course Driving Range Architects in Mechanicsburg

what are the most important considerations when someone is setting up a driving range? Frequently, when people approach us about designing a driving range they are just thinking about the range.

When we meet with our clients, we try to help them understand that it may make sense to think about this as more than just a driving range. Ideally, it should be a golf learning center. This can include putting green, some practice bunkers, possibly a place for some indoor lessons.

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Tournaments and Events

We try to help them understand that, as a marketing tool, the nicer your practice facility is the better positioned you will be at attracting new members, especially if you are a private club. It really is a benefit and an asset. If we can do something more than just a driving range, it will serve the golf course well.

What are the kinds of things you look at when setting up an exceptional driving range? In this day and age, with the developments of technology, we generally have to set up the range to be about 330 yards long because people are simply driving the ball that much farther these days.

So we start with a driving range, then we like to set up an area at the back of the tee where we can set up mats. This is helpful because sometimes you may need to work on the driving area and you might want the turf to be able to recuperate.

We also like to see a good putting area that is about 10,000 – 15,000 square feet.

We also encourage some sort of short game facility. That could be another practice green that would have some chipping areas, some practice bunkers, something that you could hit something 20 – 60 yards.

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