Fire Hazards – How to Identify Them and Protect Your Business

The well-known term prevention is far better than cure' is especially pertinent in regards to fire safety. A fire in your company premises couldn't just disrupt your company but endanger the whole future of your company. More than 70% of companies involved with fire do not reopen in any way, or failover three decades. Besides this is the potential personal effect on the lives of your workers and their families. You can check online the  low flashpoint materials for your business.

Some very simple fire safety measures are so well worth a little bit of work, so as to guard your company in the long run. Identifying fire risks is the first step in executing a Fire Risk Assessment, which is currently a legal requirement for many UK Businesses.

oil and gas workers

To discover fire hazards, first, you must know what's needed for a fire to start. This can be summarised as follows:

  • A supply of ignition
  • Gas
  • Oxygen

Resources of ignition:

The character of your company will dictate the nature and scope of potential ignition sources in your office. 

Think about the following:

Gas stoves, candles, or some other equipment with a naked flame

Any Kind of heater, however especially gas-fired using an open fire

Anything between sparks or heat, like shrink-wrapping, welding, etc

smoking regions and disposal of cigarettes and games

Electrical gear – get mobile appliances (connection ) assessed regularly


Fuel is essentially anything that can burn off. Focus on combustible materials which exist in sufficient amount to permit a fire to spread. Think about the following:

  • All newspaper such as letterheads, envelopes, and archived documents
  • Printed materials and vacant boxes
  • Flammable liquids like paint, varnishes, thinners, etc
  • Soft furnishings like curtains, blinds, and other fabrics
  • Any flammable gases saved on the assumptions
  • Vinyl materials such as foam filled furniture, plastic point of sale screens, etc

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