Different Types Of Pens

In earlier days quill pens made from bird feathers were all the rage, and so were the first writing tool for centuries. As soon as the Industrial Revolution beckoned, a more refined technology generated improved composing tools, such as the fountain pen. 

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Let's examine the popular writing effects available on the marketplace these days, and at composing, tools utilized previously.

Ballpoint pen 

The ballpoint pen is probably one of the most commonly used pens of all. It writes using an oil-based ink that dries almost immediately after contact with the paper. 

The ink chamber relies on gravity to dispense the ink onto the ball which means that a ballpoint is not very practical for writing upside down or on surfaces with low faithfulness

Rollerball pen 

Rollerball pen uses a ballpoint writing mechanism but contains a free-flowing water-based liquid ink refill making it less stressful on the hand and much easier to write with. Rollerballs are designed to have the convenience of a ballpoint and the smooth writing qualities of a fountain.

Fountain pen 

The fountain pen is a nib pen. A lot of people use a fountain pen as their primary writing instrument over a ballpoint pen and rollerball pen. A fountain pen uses water-based ink which is filled via a piston, convertor or cartridge system.

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