Cloud Computing: Providing Shared Resources Via Internet

Cloud computing is the latest trend nowadays in the world of computing and the Internet. It has served numerous companies and successful people. Moreover, its profits have made cloud computing one of the most popular terms today.

Now, before we continue, let's take a look at the definition of cloud computing, as there is more than one point of view on the matter. You can choose reliable cloud computing providers by checking out various online sources.

It can be defined as Internet-based processing, which shared resources and files, latest software and information sharing to multiple computers and other mobile devices are provided. Here one can access tools and modern technology without much difficulty and additional costs.

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Speaking of shares that are provided to other computers, these resources are computing devices or pieces of information on a machine that can be accessed remotely from another computer.

This is accomplished usually by a local area network or a corporate intranet as if it were a local resource on the local machine in particular.

Some of the most common shared resources are shared scanner access, access to shared files as shared disk and folder sharing, access the shared printer, known as printer sharing, etc.

Cloud uses those resources and regularly takes the form of web-based applications or tools that remote users can use and access through any web browser as if it were a local program installed on their computers.

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