The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology

Astrology is a combination of art and science that has remained a mystery to scientists for centuries. With technology improving today, advances in astrology are being made every day that will bring astrologers closer to understanding the mysterious magic of galaxies. You can learn Indian Vedic science at Scientists are constantly studying astrology, but it's never enough. This is because when they discover something new, there is much more to discover that the scientist didn't initially know. Astrology is an interesting and instructive science which has been of use to humans in contributing to their progress. Astrology is actually the oldest science, and in today's technology society there are countless books, audiobooks, and software related to astrology. Image Source: Google In general, astrologers study the regular motion of the planets in our solar system, but Vedic astrologers are much more advanced in their research. Books on Vedic astrology focus on the movements of the planets in our solar system, but are more in detail because they discuss how these movements affect people through destiny or perhaps misfortune. There are various aspects which, according to ancient Vedic astrologers, are actually influenced by the movements of the planets, including human behavior. Another thing that these books focus on is signs and how the movement of the planets affects each sign in relation to days, numbers, stones, colors, individual careers and even specific individual body parts.