SEO optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is of an utmost importance for websites. Even a flawlessly designed site loses its purpose if it cannot be found by Google. Better your positions at an amazing price point!

Optimization of a website – SEO

SEO Optimization is a thorough process, which takes quite a lot of time and constant monitoring and corrections ( if needed ). If done correctly, the benefits which it brings are unending.

IS Design Sofia offers a yearly SEO subscription at a hit price!

The search itself is divided in two types: natural or paid. The results from the first case ( natural ) are the base of the pages with results (PR) and their position depends on the technical construction of the site and its content.

Infringing methods (ex. Black hat), which are used to get better page rank are dangerous and often lead to the exclusion of the site in Google’s database indexing.

Paid results, often called Pay per click or PPC are paid by the owners of the sites and usually get in front of the natural results. Researches find that users prefer natural results because they consider them more reliable. This sets the main purpose of the SEO optimization – gaining a better position in the natural lists, which leads to better traffic.

The SEO strategy of web studio IS Design Sofia bases itself solely on legal methods ( white hat ) for advancing positions in searches and is a focused on better user experience in creating a well formed site – for its clients and the search engines.

Search engines index web space using enormous clusters of robots called “bots” which circle it, following references. Circled URL addresses are noted in the search engine’s indexes, which in turn search when the user on the other side types it is. Search engine optimization - picture 1The machines use complex mathematical algorithms known as “ranking algorithms”. Google’s algorithms depend on a huge amount of factors in its calculations results – over 200. Because of this, nobody can assure a page rank 1. Nobody is in a better position than anybody or has any hidden cards because Google doesn’t negotiate with the firms who are in the business of SEO.

With that said, we at IS Design manage and do our best to better page rank results involving natural searches with SEO optimization consisting of two primary steps:

Inner SEO optimization, price

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This phase starts with a careful examination of the competing companies and with the finding of key words, which are suitable for the given business goals. Successful websites have to concentrate on key words, which are tightly related to the target audience. Finding them is a crucial moment of internet marketing and SEO has to assure : knowledge of popular terms regarding searches related to the brand or site, capability of directing valuable traffic, better user experience in result of the well formed content. An important part of the search is the popularity of the key word, the rivalry over it and the analysis of its tendencies.

The second phase comes with generating original and interesting content, based on the chosen key words. Writing the code for management is crucial as well. Title tags, headers, etc. are of an utmost importance when it comes to SEO. Composing a navigation system and inner links, enriching the code with microdata or microformats for easing search engines jobs.

The price for inner SEO optimization is determined after a free analysis, carried out by us and depends on the volume of information contained on the given site as well as the volume of required improvements that should be made.

Outter SEO optimization

A main concern of this category is the gathering of reference links from other sites towards the content. The focus is on the quality, not the quantity, with a priority of the text itself related to the key words as feedback. Low quality links can lead to worsening Google page rank as well as other engines.

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The price for an outter SEO optimization is included in the yearly subscription.